HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – In today’s Henderson Fiscal Court meeting, the Friends of Audubon presented their plans for the new Audubon Conference Center.

The proposed center would house 400 people for events from weddings to banquets. The project would take over the dilapidated boat docking area, which Friends of Audubon officials say is underused.

The organization claims the project would not hurt the ecosystem or destroy any trees, and says they need support from local officials to reach out to state representatives to convince them to approve funding. Currently, they are seeking $10 million from the state and $5 million locally to make this project a reality.

“The boat dock used to be very popular back many many years ago and today its not used at all; the roof is caving in and it’s ready to be torn down and something new to go in it’s place,” says Friends of Audubon official Andy Rideout. “Part of this project is to rejuvenate the park a little bit, rejuvenate that area in particular, and bring more people into the park.”

Officials say the project would bring more jobs and people to the community, which in turn would boost the economy of Henderson County.