HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) A dispatcher and firefighters are honored for saving the life of a person trapped in a burning home earlier this month. 

A home on Kentucky 2084 caught fire on January 12th.

“Dispatchers have received multiple calls from passerbys,” recalled Chief Scott Foreman of the Henderson Fire Dept. They also got a call from inside the burning home.

“We’ve made rescues, we’ve pulled people from structures before, but we’ve never talked to someone that was inside. It was very rare,” said Chief Foreman.

A person in the basement of the home called Henderson dispatcher Mark Doepel. Doepel told the caller how to stay safe as firefighters arrived.

“He was able to focus real quick on what he needed to do. I think he gave that guy hope. I think he gave that guy something to hold on to that was there. He gave great advice,” said Chief Foreman.

Firefighters arrived minutes later to get that person out. Dispatcher Doepel, along with firefighters Cory Agnew, Elijah Wright and Isaac Damrath, were honored by Henderson City Commissioners for their work that day to save that person. The person was taken to the hospital after the fire, then released.

“Having the knowledge of where he was, and to keep him calm, and to keep him from doing something that would put him in jeopardy, you can’t put any worth on because what he did was save the guy’s life,” Chief Foreman said.

(This story was originally published on January 26, 2022)