HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – With cell service down due to the wildfires in many areas, it has become increasingly difficult for those in need to even reach out for help in Maui, Hawaii.

That also includes families of those who are stuck in the Aloha State. Rodney Yates who is trying to reach out to his son John Sweat who is stuck on the island of Maui, has been unable to reach his son and his son’s family to check on their safety. He has reached out to many organizations including the Red Cross and the local Chamber of Commerce on the island of Maui but says either he gets a busy tone or the phone just keeps ringing.

“I’ve called, nobody’s called me back,” Yates said. “It’s always busy or it just keeps ringing.”

That describes the last few days for Rodney Yates as most of his time has been spent trying to contact his son.

Even the last text he received from his son made Yates begin to worry even more.

“He told me that the fire wasn’t at their house yet, and that scared me,” he explained. “I don’t know if his house is still standing. I don’t know if they’ve been evacuated to a shelter or what.”

As a truck driver yates spend much of his time on the road, so when he saw what was happening in Hawaii he says he had to pull over and begin reaching out to try to make sure his son, his son’s wife and their grandchildren were all ok.

“As a driver it’s real hard for me to concentrate going down the road knowing that my son and his family are, as far as I know lost,” said Yates.

He says he wants to keep up with what is going on in Hawaii, but it’s hard for him to even watch the news at this point.

Yates believes once he hears his son and grandchildren’s voices that will make him emotions calm but until then he’s left without answers that he desperately wants answers to regarding the safety of his family.