Henderson Players Club Future Still a Mystery

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After a three hour meeting Tuesday night to decide its fate, the future of a beloved Henderson golf course remains a mystery.

The Henderson Players Club, tucked in Wolf Hills subdivision, closed in March much to the dismay of many neighbors.

The owner, Daniel McQueen sold the course and clubhouse to Mike and Bobbie Chambers, who say they have new plans for the property – and it doesn’t involve golf.

Before the Chambers can move forward with the plan to turn the clubhouse into a banquet hall, they needs the city to sign off, because the course is under a strict agriculture zoning and is only to be used as a golf course.

This comes from the 1994 master plan when the subdivision and course were first designed.

In order to utilize the clubhouse for a different purpose, Henderson needs to rezone the land and remove the golf course restriction.

Tuesday, the Henderson Planning Commission met and heard three hours of testimony from Chambers attorney and concerned neighbors.

Chambers says golf is gone and it’s not coming back. McQueen testified that it was costing too much to keep open, and he sold to Chambers with the understanding he had no desire to open the course again.

Chambers says if the land isn’t rezoned, the course and clubhouse will continue to deteriorate.

That’s something neighbors in Wolf Hills are worried about. A handful testified before the commission, concerned about their property values without golf, and if weeds continue to grow in their backyards.

“I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine having commercial zoning in the center of a residential neighborhood. Are you kidding me?”

Others aren’t opposed to a new use for the clubhouse.

“I think it’s wonderful someone wants to do something with the old clubhouse,” Tammy Oxford says, “all we’re concerned about, as homeowners in the area, is keep it clean, keep it mowed.”

The planning commission was absent one member, and the vote ended in a 5 to 5 tie.

Commission chairman, Herb McKee broke the tie in favor of the rezoning, but there is still more work to be done.

A second decision still needs to be made to remove the “golf course only” restriction on the building. The commission tabled that vote until its next meeting in September, but there’s a chance the rezoning vote could flip.

There will not be any more testimony, but the board will have to vote again at its next meeting – and a member could change their vote, turning the 6-5 vote in favor, to a 5-6 vote against.

The Planning Commission gives a recommendation to the City Commission that has the final say.

While the recommendation is weighed heavily, it’s not unheard of for the City Commission to make its own decision.

It’s a development we’ll have to watch for in the coming weeks, as the Players Club’s future is still uncertain.

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