HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) The Tri-State, and the nation, honors the lives of those lost while serving our country. 

In Henderson, the Veterans Memorial Foundation hosted its 75th annual ceremony.

Hundreds of people came to Central Park this morning, sitting near the thousands of crosses that have been on display all month, to not only remember those who served in past conflicts, but to all listen to a call to preserve what the country currently has.

“It’s important to remember those who made us,” said Ken Christopher of the Henderson Veterans Memorial Foundation.

For 75 years, it’s honored the service of those who lost their lives in past conflicts.

“I enjoy it, until they play taps, and taps gets me,” said Gilmer Thomas, a World War II veteran.

“It’s a day to be thankful for those that paved the way for those of us to live today,” adds retired Air Force Major General Richard Frymire. He told the hundreds attending that everyone still has a duty and responsibility to maintain the republic and the democracy they have, and that those who came before them fought for.

“We can’t rest on the laurels that went before us. You appreciate what they did, but it’s out duty to do our part, to keep the republic and democracy and make sure it’s preserved,” he said.

“It takes work and we’ve got to rededicate ourselves to that entire endeavor,” adds Christopher.

Some veterans and residents say they’ll return to remember as long as the ceremony is here. Organizers also say it’s very meaningful for people to continue to come out to Central Park for the Memorial Day ceremony since it started 75 years ago.

(This story was originally published on May 30, 2022)