EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — As the nationwide formula shortage continues, thousands of parents around the country are still continuing to struggle. Although there are no milk banks in the Tri-State area, The Milk Bank in Indianapolis is currently able to help area mothers in need.

We spoke with the Outreach Specialist at The Milk Bank and she tells us they have partnered with a women’s hospital in Evansville to help infants needing milk. She says 80% of the milk they receive is given to babies in the NICU, and the other 20% is provided to at-home families.

Additionally, families can join their outpatient program to receive milk. For short term use and under 40 ounces, they recommend you pick up from The Milk Bank or one of their Donor Milk Express (DMX) sites. The Milk Bank does not have a DMX site in Evansville, but the closest sites are in Terre Haute and Louisville, Ky.

If you can’t make it to one of their DMX sites, you can also request a direct ship options. The Milk Bank says shipping and handling rates apply.

According to The Milk Bank, pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) is typically available both as inpatient care and outside of the hospital setting.  However, if supply becomes limited, The Milk Bank follows national triage standards based on medical need.  The priorities are as follows:

  1. Hospitalized and ill premature infants.
  2. Well or at home premature infants.
  3. Infants less than 12 months old with medical conditions likely to respond to PDHM.
  4. Individuals more than 12 months old with medical conditions likely to respond to PDHM therapy.
  5. Individuals more than 12 months old with chronic medical conditions.
  6. Infants for short-term use, no specific medical condition.
  7. Laboratory research (milk that cannot be used for human consumption).

If you’re interested in learning more or receiving from The Milk Bank, click here. If you’d like to give milk, the Milk Bank has listed out the four steps in order to do so.