OAKLAND CITY, Ind. (WEHT) — It’s been a busy day at Oakland City University. The school’s second annual scholastic contest was held earlier Wednesday.

High school honor students from around the Tri-State came out to compete in the contest by taking tests covering twelve subjects ranging from algebra to world geography.

Dr. Sarah Wilson, Director of the Honors Program, coordinated the annual contest and says the event has more than doubled from last year.

“There are definitely more perks then just winning the medals and trophies,” she explains. “Getting the opportunity to visit a college campus and be able to talk to college students while they are here is a valuable experience. Many of the tour guides and students who helped with proctoring were honor students, so it gives them a taste of what kind of service they could also be involved in if they came to Oakland City University student as honor students as well.”

Dr. Wilson also encourages any school who did not participate to reach out for information if they are interested. Mount Vernon honor students came out on top with three gold medals, some silver and bronze, as well as the first place trophy.