Monday, a group of Evansville high school students spent the day interviewing Tri-State veterans as part of a project to learn more about history.

Students at the New Tech Institute invited a number of combat veterans to share stories, photographs, and memories of their time in service.

Don Gillies fought in the Korean Conflict.

He sees Monday’s program as an opportunity to remember what many call the ‘lost war.’

“It gives the kids an idea of what war is about. So the best way to win a war is to avoid one. And if they know what the problems were, the horrors of war, I think they’ll work hard with the government in the future or themeslves or whatever to help reduce the possibilities of war, and to solve things in a peaceful manner,” said Gillies.

All of the interviews were recorded.

The transcripts will be sent to the Library of Congress so they will forever be part of history.