OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Local schools took aim at an air rifle competition on April 30. The competition was held at Apollo High School’s (AHS) Auxiliary Gym.

Daviess County (DCHS) Navy JROTC took First Place and Apollo Air Force JROTC took second place in the marksmanship competition. Top male shooter was Ethan Pierce from Daviess County and top female shooter was Lillian Conner from the 4H. Lillian was the overall top shooter with a high score of 263 out of 300.

Students from the AHS Air Force JROTC, Daviess County High School Navy JROTC and 4-H Air Rifle Teams competed in a series of marksmanship challenges. Teams shot at targets at 10 meter range from three positions: prone which is flat on the floor, kneeling and standing. Team members took 10 shots from each position with points being assigned for target accuracy.

“A side-by-side competition is always important for the students because it allows them to gain experience in an in-person competitive environment,” said coach of the DCHS Navy JROTC program`s Air Rifle Team Tyler Goad. “Side-by-side competitions offer a very useful sense of pressure that can be lacking in other types of competition.”

All coaches for participating teams are certified by the Civilian Marksmanship Program with the goal of promoting firearms safety, training and competition for youth.

“The Greater Daviess County Air Rifle competition is a great way to give our local youth an opportunity to compete with each other and earn trophies and medals for their skills,” said coach of the AHS Air Force JROTC program`s Air Rifle Team Frank Smith.

DCHS defended their title from last year. Awards were presented to the participants and there is a traveling trophy displaying the names of the winners by year.

Franklin Smith contributed the photo for this story.