Historic Warrick County church facing uncertain future after being vandalized


WARRICK CO., Ind. (WEHT)- The grounds Mount Zion Church and Cemetery sit on are steeped in history but now, the future of the church is in jeopardy after a group of teens reportedly vandalized the historic site outside of Lynnville late Friday night.

Broken windows and busted pews now serve as a reminder of the shocking incident and now board members and caretakers for the church are left asking questions as they pick up the pieces. Randall Pemberton says he has no idea why the teens would do or want to do something like this.

Pemberton says the church hasn’t had regular services in years and doesn’t even have electricity. While they’ve dealt with issues in the past with vandalism, Pemberton says it’s never been to this level before.

Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder says the teens told them they heard it was a “haunted or spooky place” but even Sheriff Wilder says he can’t quite figure out how they went from checking out what they thought was a haunted place, to reportedly trying to burn it down.

For Pemberton and the rest of the board members, caring for Mount Zion is a personal matter. Pemberton says many of their family members put a lot into the church while it still had an active congregation, adding he feels they owe it to them to keep the church in good shape and protect it.

While charges are still pending for the teens, Pemberton says the board will have a difficult decision to make on the church’s future.

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