EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – One Evansville church family has come together for a Thanksgiving tradition, one that carries on without two of their own who were lost in the Weinbach home explosion in August. The Hite family and Full Gospel Mission spread Thanksgiving joy by serving warm meals to those in need.

“We’re here to give back to them. Give back to people that’s anybody,” says Steve Hite, JR. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got $1 million, we’ll give you a meal.”

That was the vision created by Hite’s mother, Sister Nila, and carried on by the Hite family, including Charlie and Martina, who passed away in the August explosion.

“Charlie would want us to keep it going,” says Hite, “not just doing 200-300, but doing thousands.”

Hite honored the dedication of both Charlie and Martina by spending Thanksgiving morning hand-delivering meals to those in need, including the Riverwalk Community and United Caring Services men’s shelter. Hite and his children also made unplanned stops along the way, handing warm meals to some residents walking along the street.

“It says a whole lot about him and his family,” says Murray Cox, resident of Riverwalk Communities. “And we just feel so bad about what went on, you know, what happened to his brother.”

Fellow resident Cecelia Howard says, “I love it. I think it’s joyful that somebody is coming to see us. Cause he’s believing in us, and he doesn’t have to do that but he does because he loves us.”

Riverwalk resident Ladonna Cox adds, “It makes me very thankful that we have people that reach out to us who are in assisted living. Because there are people out there that don’t have anyone.”

While the Hite’s and Full Gospel Mission appreciate the gratitude, they would rather stay out of the spotlight.

“It’s not about me,” says Hite. “I don’t want it to seem like it’s about me or the Hite family or our church, it’s about Jesus. Showing his light.”

Hite says it is simply about showing love to those around us.

“If we touch 1 or we touch 10,000, they’re all the same.” Hite continues, “We want to touch everybody we can touch, and just give them a warm Thanksgiving meal and let them know that we love them and we care for them.”