Holy Rosary Teacher Terminated for Alleged Voyeurism

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Ryan Belmonte

Tim Lilley with the Evansville Diocese has confirmed Ryan Belmonte was terminated from Holy Rosary on December 2.

Belmonte faces felony voyeurism charges for allegedly admitting to secretly video taping two elementary school students while they used the restroom.

26-year-old Belmonte was arrested at Holy Rosary School on December 1. Investigators say it was a student he was tutoring who discovered the phone in the bathroom.

Belmonte has been a teacher at Holy Rosary for 3 years. He posted $1,500 bond after his court hearing on December 2.

Police say Belmonte told the student to use the faculty bathroom on December 1. The child told his parents he found a phone hidden inside a Kleenex box that was in recording mode.

“He was aware of his surroundings,” said Evansville Police Sgt. Jason Cullum. “The younger generation is used to technology being around, things we would have never thought of when we were children. The potential for somebody to do something like that unfortunately is a reality for these kids.”

Investigators say Belmonte allegedly admitted to only recording two students, but he says he hid his cell phone in the bathroom at random times to record whomever was using it throughout the day.

Police have identified both victims and are looking for more possible evidence on Belmonte’s laptop.

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