EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Inflation and high gas prices continue to impact everyone across the nation and the Hoosier state. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has proposed sending Indiana residents a surplus refund check in the amount of $225 per person to aid with inflation. Indiana Democrats, however, would rather seek a pause on Indiana gas taxes to give drivers relief at the pump.

The Indiana gas sales tax is at 24 cents per gallon, on top of the state gas tax of 33 cents per gallon, leaving Hoosiers paying well over 50 cents per gallon just in taxes each time they fill up. Some drivers, though, are split on choosing between receiving relief now in the form of a refund check, or relief over time with a pause in state gas taxes.

Indiana District 77 Representative Ryan Hatfield says action needs to be taken now to address the real concerns Indiana residents face on a daily basis.

“This state, in so many ways, is struggling right now,” explains Representative Hatfield. “Gas prices are high and we passed the highest tax increase under Republican rule here in the state just a few years ago.”

Randy Lovelace, a Bloomington, Indiana resident, travels frequently through the Evansville-area. Despite his far travels, Lovelace says he would prefer the refund check option, saying he would rather receive money now to put back and save for a later time. However, Lovelace does not believe action will be taken any time soon.

“I don’t know if they’re going to do anything to help us, just to be honest,” says Lovelace. “If they do, it’ll just be a drop in the bucket.”