HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WEHT) — Starting October 1, Hopkins County skies will be a little bit quieter. The county’s emergency management team announced they’ll be making changes to their outdoor weather sirens based on national and regional studies.

Officials say their weather sirens will no longer go off for severe thunderstorm warnings, only tornado warnings. Many studies have shown weather sirens are often overused and that tornado warnings pose more of a threat than severe thunderstorms.

Hopkins County Emergency Management says it’s unfortunate there is not a set standard for outdoor warning sirens, which leaves local agencies to decide what is best for their area.

Officials hope this change will cause citizens to take action and tune into a weather radio or the news when the outdoor warning sirens are activated.

Additionally, storm siren routine testing will also change to once monthly, instead of once weekly. The routine test day will be the first Wednesday every month at noon.