DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) – Dawson Springs Youth League Inc. says people broke into its storage unit in Eddyville and stole everything.

A spokesperson with the league says a report was filed with the authorities, but the league is still asking for the general public to help the league find either its equipment or those responsible for stealing the equipment.

The league says after the tornado hit, it was without anything usable at the city park and multiple children had lost all their equipment. Officials say with the generous donations from other leagues, private individuals and organizations there was a surplus to provide current and future players with much needed equipment such as gloves, pants, helmets, bats, fielders masks, catching equipment and other items. The league notes the owner of the storage unit was nice enough to let the league use a unit until it had a place rebuilt to store its things.

A spokesperson for the league posted on social media, “The amount of Baseball pants, gloves, bats and helmets they took will be highly noticeable if they are trying to off load them somewhere, it literally would have taken a trailer or multiple trips to get everything, they traveled towards Fredonia from Eddyville down HWY 641 and we think this took place in early February.”

The league says it has had folks ask about monetary donations for them, the league has a DSYL account set up at Planters Bank. A spokesperson says anyone wanting to donate can go there and make a donation to help with the equipment fund.

The league asks for people to please contact the Lyon County sheriff if anyone knows anything about the case.