HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – With the Wings Over Western Kentucky air show coming on Saturday, October 7, the event organizers have released a list of the top 10 tips for families to help plan an exciting day at the Madisonville Regional Airport.

10. Invest in ear protection for children.

Officials say that earplugs will be available at the show, but given how loud some of the planes will be, the noise may be upsetting or painful for children. The announcer will let the crowd know when protection is needed in advance, so parents don’t need to worry about having their kids wear them all day.

9. Bring hand sanitizer and disposable wipes

As the organizers say on their website, there will only be portable toilets on-site, so it definitely helps to bring your own sanitizer and wipes.

8. Hold hands and make a personal lost & found point

The show draws huge crowds, so families should make a plan and stick together. Consider taking a picture of your kids on the morning of the show to be shared with the air show’s safety and security team if you get separated from one another. Also, consider write your cell phone number on your child’s arm or hand with permanent marker. Take precautions like you would when bringing your kids to an amusement park or any other large event.

7. Bring bag chairs

Unlike outdoor concerts where a blanket might be enough, it’s a good idea to bring a chair for this event because the pavement can get hot and uncomfortable.

6. Make sure everyone wears comfortable shoes

The grounds for the air show will stretch several city blocks and the walk from the parking lot isn’t short either (roughly 0.2 miles).

5. What to wear

While the weather forecast looks good for the event, the weather could change. Officials say that ponchos are a better idea than umbrellas if this happens. Also, there will be little shade at the air show, so sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are recommended.

4. Use the restroom before leaving the show

Just like with any large event, there will be lots of people leaving at the same time so you may have some car time on your hands while you wait in traffic.

3. Bring cash

There will be ATMs on-site but it will be easier to have cash on hand. Some food and beverage vendors will accept cards but others will be cash only, so plan ahead. No coolers are allowed on airport property, but officials do recommend packing a small snack pack for the kids.

2. See it all

There’s a lot to see at this year’s air show. You can plan ahead by viewing the event schedule.

1. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone

Officials want to remind you to use #WOWK23 to share your pics on social media.