HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Madisonville Police Department arrested a woman who they say refused to leave a plastics factory after being fired.

Police state officers were dispatched to Berry Global in Madisonville early Sunday morning in reference to trespassing. Upon arrival, a supervisor stated he terminated Ashia Redmond, 20, but she started throwing things and cursing while refusing to leave. A reason for the termination was not given.

The supervisor stated she was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot, but when officers tried to make contact, she allegedly refused. After making contact, officers allegedly asked Redmond to leave the property. Redmond allegedly refused stating she needed to cool off. Officers stated if she needed to, she could somewhere off the property.

Redmond allegedly still refused to leave, and after asking again, officers state Redmond rolled her window down and started screaming. After rolling the window back up, officers attempted to remove her from the vehicle, but she allegedly screamed, cursed, pulled away from the officers and kicking her legs.

Eventually, officers were able to escort the still screaming Redmond to the cruiser and placed under arrest at the Hopkins County Detention Center for Disorderly Conduct – 2nd Degree, Criminal Trespassing – 3rd Degree and Resisting Arrest. She has since been released.