HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Hanson residents will soon have to pay a bit more in taxes.

According to Hanson city officials, Hanson enacted a new tax ordinance to bring revenue in order to maintain and allow for the future growth of Hanson. Mayor Jimmy Epley says the new ordinance is not in force now, as Epley still has to get in touch with all parties involved. Hanson officials say the new tax will be at 1.5%.

Felicia Greer, City Commissioner/Zoning & Planning Administrator, explains, “Occupational and Business License Fees (Net Profits) is a percentage of gross earnings (payroll) on all persons working within the city or on gross receipts or net profits of all businesses within the city. The Elected Officials felt it was in the best interest of the city.”

Epley says he needs the money the tax will bring in so officials can fund millions of dollars of projects for Hanson. Epley says the ordinance has already passed, and the money will be used to fund projects that need to get done. 

Epley says 157 other cities have this occupational tax, and Madisonville currently has an over 2% tax, and other Hopkins County towns, such as Dawson Springs, have their tax. Epley said he hoped the ordinance will be put into effect July 1.