HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WEHT) — The Hopkins County Humane Society sprung into action when saving a puppy earlier this week.

According to the group, a family called dispatch after their young puppy fell four feet down a pipe and wasn’t able to get out. The humane society says Animal Control Officer Richard Bales and Executive Director Dustin Potenza responded to the call.

People who were there say the pipe was only about three inches wide, making any type of rescue above ground impossible. Bales started digging with one goal in mind — getting to the pipe’s base in order to save the pup.

“Board President Duane Snyder also came out to bring additional tools and to assist in saving this puppy,” the humane society said on social media. “Neighbors lent shovels, the two guys who resided there and their uncle helped as well!”

Some time later, Bales had dug deep enough down to the point where he could break the pipe off at the base. This story has a happy ending, as one of the men was able to slide down and gently grab the puppy, reuniting them with their owner.