Hospitalizations rising among Deaconess hospitals


(WEHT) – Officials with Deaconess say the number of COVID-19 patients in their care has spiked rapidly in the past three weeks.

Officials say on July 31 Deaconess tested 176 people, but on August 8 they tested 429 people. Deaconess says about one in every six patients is ending up in the hospital.

Doctor James Porter is urging people to get vaccinated to help stop the spread of the Delta variant in the Tri-State.

“There is a lot of misinformation, a lot of people frankly lying to people about the vaccines out there,” said Dr. Porter. “Clearly the experience we’re seeing, what’s been seen across the country, what’s been seen across the world is that these vaccines work. They work to keep people from being hospitalized, they especially work to keep people from dying.”

Dr. Porter says as of today there are 105 COVID-19 patients in Deaconess Health hospitals and that 91 of them are unvaccinated. Deaconess has said that not all of the patients are from the Tri-State area.

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