(WEHT)- No more pee wee football, no more dance recitals, and no more band concerts. That’s the reality parents face in Uvalde, Texas after yet another school shooting Tuesday. But in the wake of the shooting, parents in the Tri-State say the conversations they have with their kids about the tragedies never get easier.

Owensboro mom Megan Jackson says she couldn’t imagine dropping her kids off at school, and not being able to pick them up again. Across the country, law enforcement groups are preparing for the threat. An initiative launched by Texas State University aims to prepare kids with age-appropriate curriculum. John Curnutt says that means preparing younger students on how to listen to teachers during an emergency and preparing older kids to take a more active role in closing, locking, and barricading doors.

Meanwhile, a thousand miles away from Uvalde, the Daviess County Public Schools Police Department held active shooter drills at Daviess County High School. The department’s lead enforcement officer, Brad Youngman, says the drills were already planned well before Tuesday’s shooting, but adds that the incident only makes the need for such drills more apparent.

In fact, Youngman says another school shooting- a 2018 shooting at Marshall County High School- sparked legislation to provide school districts across the Commonwealth the opportunity to launch their own police departments.

Still, parents are left with an uncomfortable position when talking to their kids. Expert Jocelyn McDonnell says it’s important to be open and honest with kids about their concerns about school shootings. McDonnell says parents should remind kids that, while there are “bad people who do bad things,” there are still good people in their lives who try to keep them safe.

Jackson says that still leaves her and her kids feeling uneasy. Jackson says her daughter asked if a school shooting could happen locally. Jackson says she couldn’t tell her that it couldn’t happen here, adding that she hopes and pray that it won’t, but couldn’t definitively say that it wouldn’t.