HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The 2023 Primary Election in Indiana was held on Tuesday. Most of the winners throughout the state are now known, but there are two counties that have races that ended in a tie. So what happens now?

According to an email from the Indiana Secretary of State’s office, there are tied races in Johnson and Gibson counties as of Wednesday morning. However, counties have 10 days to complete counts and report their results to the Indiana Election Division.

Officials say when an election ends as a tie and there’s no challenge or recount during a primary election, the spot on the November General Election ballot is considered vacant. In the case of a candidate vacancy in a Primary Election, the political party involved will hold a caucus of precinct committeeman in the district to select a candidate. Party rules allow the county political party chair to directly appoint a candidate to fill a vacancy in some communities.

Bethany Brewer and Kaye Gowin both received 23 votes for a position on the Oakland City Common Council. Officials say it is up to the Republican party chairman, John Perkins, to have a caucus to fill the vacancy on or before June 30. The caucus can include anyone, not just the two candidates that tied.