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HPD gives new details on homicide investigation

During visitation hours at the Henderson County Detention Thursday, we attempted to talk to Neil Heiss, but were told he's refusing to speak to both officers and the media.


Police say Heiss was both the fiancé and killer of Monika Roberts.


It started as a missing persons case.


"But we had our suspicions, even in the very beginning of the case, this was probably going to end up being a homicide investigation,” Henderson Police Lt. Jason Hargit said.


 “He was very erratic acting,” Detective Shannon Troutman said about Heiss. “He made a comment to someone that he had killed his wife, a casual comment in conversation that they didn't even think is being serious, and taking that comment we kind of ran with it.”


Henderson Police say Roberts and Heiss first came to the Tri-State area from the Washington DC area in late September, staying in various hotels, mostly in Henderson.

"We've had shooting incidents at the Downtown Motel on the 25th. We've had shooting incidents at the Sugar Creek Inn on the 28th,” Troutman said. "We've been pulling videos throughout town that's linking these people, these same two people, to these hotels, various hotels, and so he's very irresponsible with a gun."


Heiss was originally arrested on October 3rd on several charges, connected to at least four shootings in a week span, including, police say, Roberts on September 24th. She was treated for the wound and released, but then went missing.


“Well where is Monika? We know she was in town, and the more we talked to, the more people we found that he confided in, and he said he killed her,” Troutman said.


On Tuesday, Evansville Police found Roberts’ body in a trashcan outside an abandoned South New York avenue house in Evansville. Police believe Heiss shot and killed her somewhere in Henderson, but because it's an ongoing investigation, officers couldn't say exactly where that happened, or how she was transported to Evansville.


Officers say this could be financially motivated, and believe this to be an abusive relationship. And there could be others involved. Police say a friend of Heiss who lives nearby the abandoned house is what drew the investigation to that area.


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(This story was originally published October 11, 2018)

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