DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) Housing and Urban Development officials are looking at the state of recovery for some communities hardest hit by the December 10th tornado.

They were in Dawson Springs this morning, meeting with residents and public housing officials.

On Clarkdale Court, where homes once stood, all that’s left standing are a few trees and some utility poles. HUD officials were touring this part, and other parts of Dawson Springs, today to see how they can get more homes built back in neighborhoods.

“We want to make sure, particularly with the funds that we are providing, that we’re building stronger, smarter homes,” said HUD Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman. She and other HUD officials toured several neighborhoods in the tornado’s path to understand the town’s needs and status of their recovery. Steven Parker of the Housing Authority of Dawson Springs says of their 150 public housing units, 50 were destroyed and another 64 were severely damaged.

“At the moment, we have about 60 displaced families that we do not have housing for at the housing authority, at all. They have been housed at various housing authorities, some are staying wit hfriends and family,” said Parker.

This visit was part of a two-day tour, where HUD officials also looked at damage in Mayfield on Tuesday. It happens as officials say more public housing is needed for those who lived here.

“It’s a huge need,” said Renee Case, who met with hud officials today. She moved to another apartment after the tornado. Case says having hud see the need can help.

“I just thank everybody that has helped me get from bad apartment to a different apartment. I appreciate everyone’s help around here,” she said.

Officials say they will see how future public housing in town can be made safer, stronger and better as they rebuild.

(This story was originally published on April 6, 2022)