HWY Sign Dedication in Honor of Veteran

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Three years ago a 26-year-old man from Philpot, Kentucky died while serving his country. Saturday, a dedication service of a sign for Michael Cable’s family took place at the Philpot-Thruston Fire Station.

“He’s a handsome boy of course to me because he’s my son,” Vickie Johnston said.

He stands tall and proud, like he was meant to serve our country. It’s a job most of us aren’t brave enough to do, but Sgt. Michael Cable was.

“If you wear this, it makes you feel like he’s right here,” Michael’s mother said, touching a pin on her sweater.

He was a track star, and beloved in the community. Saturday, that love was given back.

“He was one of the fastest guys I’ve ever met and I was happy to run right next to him,” Longtime friend Dallas Tipton said.

Rolling Thunder Kentucky One held the ceremony. The sign stands just up the street from Cable’s parents home.

“Every time we look at it, we just kind of swallow and can’t hardly talk when we look at the sign,” Johnston said. “Every time we go by, we see it.”

Sgt. Cable died March 27, 2013 while on guard duty in Shinwar, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

“It broke my heart,” Michael’s mother said. “I know I have other kids in the family and I have grandkids, but still one kid missing is different.”

Longtime friend Dallas Tipton wrote a song for his beloved friend.

“I found out that we had lost him it and it hit me very hard emotionally and I just thought I got to put everything he told me into words,” he said. “They could play that song a million times and I could never give enough to his family the way hes brought joy to my life.”

As a plaque rests in his father’s lap, it’s another memory that will last a lifetime and Saturday it was his family standing proud for him.

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