IL Lawmakers Call for Resignation of Auditor General

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Illinois State House Republicans are calling for the resignation of the state’s chief watchdog.

For months, the state’s auditor general has been mired in controversy over his campaign finance spending as a state representative.

This week, Republicans took an unprecedented step and introduced a resolution asking Auditor Frank Mautino to resign.

State Rep.Tim Butler (R) says, “We need an auditor general that’s above reproach. It’s very difficult for the public to have trust in you.”

Mautino is under scrutiny for thousands of dollars in questionable campaign expenses and lawmakers say they haven’t heard a word.

State Rep. Butler says, “He’s been very unresponsive to requests about this particular issues. He’s basically ignored a lot of the requests we’ve made as members of the General Assembly – the people that hired him into this job.”

Mautino spent more than $200,000 at a single service station over an 11-year period.

He also reimbursed a local bank by more than $250,000.

Campaign finance experts say it doesn’t look good.

Kent Redfield with the University of Illinois’ Institute of Government and Public Affairs says, “When you see this kind of pattern of a lot of money without a really good explanation, then people start to wonder if some of this money is ending up in the candidate’s pockets.”

Mautino is under investigation by the federal government, as well as the State Board of Elections.

State Rep. Butler says, “This is a job that takes a look at all the functions of state government, to make sure state government is doing things the right way – including the State Board of Elections. The auditor general audits the State Board of Elections.”

Mautino’s spokesperson did not have a comment on the new resolution or the ongoing investigation.

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