Illinois residents react to gas tax hike

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ILLINOIS (WEHT) – The people of Illinois are frustrated after state lawmakers approved a new law which will double the cost of gas taxes.

That new law is expected to go into effect Monday. 

Some people who say they are furious that lawmakers are once again imposing more taxes that they say they just can’t afford. 

“They are just taxing the people of Illinois to death,” says Illinois resident Sandra Higgins.

Other residents agree. 

“I don’t like it, I don’t like any of the tax increases that our state is doing, ” says Kate Ackerman.
People of Mount Carmel aren’t holding back on how they feel about the increase in gas tax from 19 cents to 38 cents to help fund a 45 billion dollar infrastructure plan. 

“The gas tax sounds like a money making business but I don’t think it will help the families in Illinois. They’re already taxed to the max,” says Amanda McCoy.

“There’s already over eight thousand people a year  leaving the state of Illinois, and it’s just going to bump the number up considerably.”

“I’m not so sure I won’t pack up and move out, and I hate to see that. I’ve lived in Illinois all my life. 
But the increase isn’t just forcing people out of the state — some businesses may be impacted as well.
“We have a lot of customers who come here to fast break for the service and mainly because of the gas, and they’re going to do you like they do everybody else and just go across the river where they can get it cheaper you know it doesn’t take that long to get there, ” says Ackerman.

Higgins says with the increase in taxes along with state taxes from previous years residents just can’t afford it anymore.

“Illinois is having a hard enough time paying their bills, and we’re having a hard enough time paying taxes and everything else. It’s not fair to the elderly. It’s not fair to the moms and dads that have kids young. No one can afford to live here anymore.”

The increase will rank Illinois the second to highest in the nation in gas taxes.

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(This story was originally published on June  26, 2019)

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