IN Bill Would Allow Pets to be Rescued from Hot or Cold Cars

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You could legally rescue a dog from a hot car in Indiana if a new proposed bill becomes law.

The bill gives people immunity for rescuing pets from hot or cold vehicles.

Right now, you could be sued or arrested for forcing your way into a car for an animal.

If this proposal is passed, you could rescue a trapped animal as long as certain conditions are met.

The animal must be considered a pet, not livestock.

You must believe there is imminent danger.

The vehicle must be locked, force being the only option, and you don’t have to use more force than necessary.

You have to call or attempt to contact some emergency responder and stay with the animal until authorities arrive.

The same guidelines already give Hoosiers immunity when rescuing a child.

The bill would make it a Class C Infraction for anybody who confines an animal in a vehicle and leaves the area, putting it in danger.

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