Two young Tri-State men, who left this earth too soon, were murdered within months of each other in 2015. Their names were Shane Breedlove and Blake Crews.

Eyewitness News’ Brad Byrd spoke to Carole Cleveland, Shane Breedlove’s mother, and Rob Hensley about a benefit concert at the Henderson County Fairgrounds this weekend.


Brad Byrd: Welcome to In-Depth: Tonight, two young Tri-State men who left this earth too soon. Both murdered – their names were Shane Breedlove and Blake Crews – within months of each other in 2015. Their cases have not been solved or closed. So, where do their families go from here? And joining me tonight are Carole Cleveland, the mother of Shane Breedlove and Shane’s good friend, Rob Hensley. Mr. Hensley is coordinating a concert at the Henderson County fairgrounds this Saturday to benefit Shane and Blake. And Carol, I will begin with you. Closure is often misused. There is no closure for you. After four years, tell me about your feelings.

Carole Cleveland: No.

Brad Byrd: So, tell me your feelings now and what are you seeking?

Carole Cleveland: I agree closure doesn’t fit when it’s the loss of a child. It’s your child. And for me what I am seeking is arrests, convictions, and hopefully some peace for my family.

Brad Byrd: And in the meantime, Rob, you knew Shane really well. He was a really talented musician and he was a popular DJ in the Evansville area. This concert supports his foundation, tell me about that. And how is that used to help others?

Rob Hensley: The Shane Breedlove Foundation was started months after Shane passed. We started the foundation on the likeliness to help kids pursuing a music career to be able to give them a scholarship fund in Shane’s name to help them go through college. At this time, we’ve given it $2,500 to scholarships to kids.

Brad Byrd: And you were telling me sometimes even band instruments, and that’s so important especially for a high schooler or younger, to pursue a music career.

Rob Hensley: We were contacted a few weeks ago by North Jr. High – the band director said they had some kids that weren’t able to get some instruments and our benefit is to help get some instruments for them as well.

Brad Byrd: And Carol, last year I talked to Mrs. Crews and her husband, Greg and Donna. And you keep in touch with her especially. Does that help both of you?

Carole Cleveland: It does because our situations with our sons were so similar in that it’s a murder. And we still have no knowledge of who or why. So, that’s hard for both of us, we struggle with it. I can tell you honestly, it never leaves my mind.

Brad Byrd: You were telling me; you still talk to Shane.

Carole Cleveland: I do.

Brad Byrd: How do you do that?

Carole Cleveland: I do. It doesn’t matter where I am or what’s going on, if I’m out and butterflies fly close to me, I urge them to come on, come to me you know? Because I feel like that’s his way of saying ‘momma I’m ok’.

Brad Byrd: And Rob, I know this concert is also going to help some of the interest of Blake Crews. I mean he was 20-years-old when this happened to him, and how will that help him?

Rob Hensley: We’re giving some of the proceeds to Blake Crews. We’re also giving some to the Chloe Randolph family as well.

Brad Byrd: And she was a murder victim.

Rob Hensley: She’s a murder victim as well. We’re hoping that some of the money we’re giving them helps them get started and gets them to use for whatever they need whatever they need to help their organizations.

Brad Byrd: And Carole, you tell me it’s so hard. This is always with you. There’s not a day that goes by. How are you keep a praise of progress of any this being made to solve this mystery?

Carole Cleveland: Well, we have asked, and it’s pretty well worked out this way that the family meet at least on a quarterly basis with the detectives, EPD in Evansville and occasionally with the prosecutor to get any update that we can or to ask our questions as to how the case is moving. Quite often, we don’t get a lot of answers. There’s not a lot that they can share or that they’re willing to.

Brad Byrd: And you wrote the attorney general.

Carole Cleveland: And I wrote the attorney general.

Brad Byrd: What did you ask for?

Carole Cleveland: I asked the attorney general for added resources to help the EPD in any way whether it’s time or people any way that he can help because I know that EPD is covered up with other cases that keep happening.

Brad Byrd: And Rob, you’re very good friends with Shane, but what made you want to do this for him?

Rob Hensley: You know, it wasn’t just me. You know, we had a group of people were very close to Shane, that were friends with Shane. We all go together and we decided we need to do something. We started the foundation. We started it in 2015, and it’s been going strong. We do these concerts about every year.

Brad Byrd: And this will be Saturday afternoon?

Rob Hensley: Saturday afternoon. Starts at 3 o’clock. The Family Tradition Band will be performing the music. We will have barbecue, and Cool Sap will be providing ice cream, have auction items, and we will also have vendors to sale things as well.

Brad Byrd: Well, continue to have success helping kids pursue their careers, and our thoughts and prayers are with you, Carole.

Carole Cleveland: Thank you.

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(This story was originally published on August 20, 2019)