Increasing grocery prices could affect holiday planning


HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Grocery retailers and President Biden’s administration have spoken about the continuous increase in grocery prices, as the price of meat and eggs have risen for seventh straight months. Some shoppers said they thought this would have stopped by now.

“At first you thought it was because of the COVID and people weren’t there to process the meats, so you were letting it go, but it’s not coming back down,” said Karol Conrad, of Henderson.

According to White House statistics, the price of beef has gone up by 14%, pork by 12%, and poultry by 6% since December 2020. Shoppers continue to see this reflect on their grocery bills.

William Russelburg, also of Henderson, said he used to be able to “go to the store with $40 and get a basket full of groceries. Now I’d be lucky to get a bag of groceries.”

Conrad commented that her bill has increased by a lot. She said, “there’s only two of us – my husband and I – so we said we’ve gotta watch our electric bill was way way higher than normal and our grocery bill was way up. It was like $300 for one week.” Usually they spend “Karol “a couple hundred, maybe $250 on a real wild week, but it was $326 actually when I got done.”

ABC News reports the President’s administration said it is “taking bold action to enforce the antitrust laws, boost competition in meat-processing, and pushing back on pandemic profiteering” that they say “is hurting consumers, farmers and ranchers across the country.”

But many local shoppers are concerned that with the holidays just around the corner, they may have to make more adjustments than expected.

Willie Tinsley of Henderson said, “people planning for the holidays better attack it early and get in there and get the product before it runs out. You know – inflation – they’re gonna raise the prices again.”

Russelburg added, “it’s gonna get worse. The food prices will get worse. And you can’t help it, you gotta eat. Don’t ya?”

Sources say groceries are expected to increase by another 3% by the end of 2021, meaning Conrad’s $326 bill would rise again to $336. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the August statistics should be released soon.

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