Indiana residents can get vaccinated without a prescription from their healthcare provider


The measles outbreak in the U.S is the worst this century. 

Now Indiana residents can get vaccinated without a prescription from their healthcare provider. 

An Indiana health commissioner has issued a statewide standing order making it easier for adults to get treated for measles, mumps, and rubella.

“it is a very contagious disease and by the time you know you have the measles you’ve have the opportunity to spread it to a lot of people,” says Vanderburgh County Health Director Lynn Herr.

More than 700 people in the u.S have reported a  case of the measles.

“Measles usually starts out with a high fever and then you break out in a typical rash.”

The disease if left untreated can lead to life-threatening conditions such as pneumonia and even death. 

One case was reported in Indiana influencing state health officials to issue the standing order to prevent future outbreaks from happening.

“the MMR or the MMRV is a very very safe vaccine and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated against measles.”

According to the CDC, the MMR vaccine is 97 percent effective in preventing measles after the second dose.

However, Vanderburgh County health directors say misconceptions of measles treatment left many Hoosiers untreated.

“There was a physician that did a research study that scared a lot of people off with autism. That study has been debunked now for years.”

Although there have been no reports in Vanderburgh County, health directors say they like to keep it that way. 

“I think anytime that we can get more people vaccinated against preventable disease we make a healthier community. “

Pharmacies and healthcare providers have been notified about the standing order. 

Hoosiers choosing to seek a vaccine should contact their local pharmacy to make sure they have the vaccine in stock. 

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(This story was originally published on May 1, 2019)

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