The Indiana Youth institute is doing their part to help prevent infant mortality by hosting a forum on prevention methods.
The forum was held Tuesday afternoon at Evansville Central Library.

The Indiana State Department of Health says one baby dies every 13 hours in the state of Indiana. It’s one of the worst rates in the nation.

Maria Del Rio hoover of St. Mary’s Hospital says in Vanderburgh County, 2013 had a significantly high rate of infant mortality. She and her colleagues say they’re researching the causes for death and trying to implement programs to lower the mortality rate.

“We don’t know yet the root causes of the deaths yet but we know that a woman needs to be healthy before she gets pregnant, have a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, if there’s any issues with obesity or over weight that’s going to lead to hypertension and probably diabetes which will make that woman more prone to have a premature baby,  explained St. Mary’s Medical Director for Children,  Maria DelRio Hover.

Del Rio Hoover says the better care a woman gets before and during her pregnancy,  the better chances she’ll have of not having a premature or sick baby.