Nearly two months ago, a satellite designed by University of Southern Indiana students was launched into space.

Those students watched as their creation was deployed from the International Space Station to begin its year-long mission.

It was an exciting morning for USI’s Unite Team.

“I’m still a little bit like…my heart is still fluttering a little bit from the experience.”

A group of undergraduates watched as the first CubeSat satellite, created by a Public Indiana Institution, was shot into Earth’s orbit.

“I mean we did get to see it launch down in Florida a couple months ago…But now getting to see it deploy from the space station…Just seeing that little dot go across the screen was really exciting.”

Building the small satellite was an unforgettable experience, but students and staff say it wasn’t easy.

“We didn’t quite understand how some of our stuff worked originally. We ended up spending about two weeks working on something and then realizing that we were doing it wrong and then spent about two days fixing it.”

“Well we had some challenges along the way. At one point it actually caught on fire so that put us behind a few months.”

But the team persevered and they even got something a little bit more than expected.

“We got our first contact around 8:35. We were just waiting in anticipation because we had no clue if it was going to work or not or if we were going to get anything from it but yeah when that first data packet came through, we were really excited.”

The team will monitor multiple things like measuring space weather, temperatures and orbital decay.

“I’m very proud of our team we’ve all worked very hard on our projects from beginning to now. And were about half-way through the project now.”

“This is a major milestone for us and so were really gratified that NASA believed in us that they were willing to shoot it up to the space station have the astronauts load it up and shoot it into earth orbit.”

Students will continue to monitor data from CubeSat satellite for the next 15 months.

The CubeSat data will also be used for NASA research.

Original Story

A satellite designed by local students at the University of Southern Indiana has been deployed — nearly two months after being launched into space.

The deployment happened around 7:40 this morning.

The team of undergraduates got to witness their three year project through Space-X.

The UNITE Cubesat team has been working since 2016 to launch the system.

NASA boarded USI’s device onto a SpaceX capsule and launched it to the International Space Station.

Click here’s the video from the day it blasted off into space.

During its scheduled one year lifespan — the cubesat will collect data for nasa research, measuring space weather, temperatures, and orbital decay.

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(This story was originally published on January 31, 2019)