International student talk challenges of the upcoming school year


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- Tri-state international students are speaking up after the federal government told them they either have to go to class this fall or go home. The regulations say students have to leave the US or face deportation if their schooling takes place all online. But even those who schools plan to hold in-person classes are facing challenges of coming back into the country. One University of Evansville student shared the lengths he’s going to to get back in time for classes.

Brazil native Dan Setton has studied in the united states for four years. That includes time in high school and now at the University of Evansville.

Halfway through his sophomore year, the coronavirus pandemic began, cutting his time on campus short and sending him back home more than four thousand miles to Brazil.

Since then, Setton says he’s tried to figure out what will happen with his education. Especially since Brazil is one of the countries included in the united state’s travel ban.

“I’m going to have to fly to Mexico. I’m going to stay in Mexico for the 14 days that I have to be in Mexico or somewhere else other than Brazil and then I’m going to fly to the US,” Setton explains.

But getting back to UE was just the start of it. Setton, like all other international students, has been limited on how many classes he can take online. Since many colleges are only doing virtual learning, students are left with one of two options, go back home or risk getting deported.

“I just felt so unappreciated and undervalued because I saw Canada has an exemption for all international students to come back to Canada even though the pandemic is going on,” he continues.

Setton says he’s lucky UE has decided to do in-person classes so he would not be at risk for deportation and the universitiy is advocating for him and other international students, “a bunch of my friends are international students. I help with international orientation. I appreciate everyone who is there with me, in the same position that I am, and like I said, I’m just and I am just a lucky want to be able to go to Mexico because my classes are hybrid.”

The university reached out to students in an email saying international students are an important part of the university community, they have every intention of holding face- to face classes this fall so students can continue their education.

Setton compiled a list of petitions to help advocate for international students dealing with the restrictions.

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(This story was originally published on July 10, 2020)

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