Warning: Body cam footage shown in the press conference above may be disturbing to some viewers.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Chaotic scenes of the moment several Evansville Police officers rush into the west side Walmart following an active shooter situation Thursday night.

“We can’t imagine what the witnesses and employees and customers inside went through,” says Officer Taylor Merris with the Evansville Police Department. “Our hearts are with them. But without the bravery and professionalism of our department, there could have been a lot more lives lost last night.”

Police say the shooter, identifed as 25 year old Ronald Mosley II, shot one person in the store before firing shots throughout Walmart. Seven EPD officers and 1 Vanderburgh County Sheriffs Deputy exchanged fire inside and outside the building with Mosley, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Just watching the bodycam last night, it’s a very eerie feeling,” says Officer Merris. “Because there’s multiple officers and they’re looking for the offender and he could come around the corner at any time.”

EPD says Mosley was a previous Walmart employee, and the victim is a current employee. According to EPD and court records, Mosley had a previous encounter with police at this Walmart. Documents show in May of 2022, Mosley was arrested at the west side Walmart and charged with 4 counts of battery, accused of attacking several co-workers.

Mosley plead guilty in December 2022 and was sentenced to mental health court for one year. Police will rely on witnesses to shed light on a possible motive.

“We’ll look at the suspect’s social media, things of that nature,” explains Sgt. Anna Gray. “He may have posted some things that may also shed some light on it. Hopefully the victim will recover and be able to tell us a little bit more, as well.”