Investigation into Aleah Beckerle’s Disappearance Continues


Aleah Beckerle’s disappearance has eclipsed the three week mark.

After a busy week last week, the investigation continues.

Beckerle, who has severe disabilities, went missing in mid-July.

Volunteer-led searches continued over the weekend.

Last week, police arrested a friend of the Beckerle family for allegedly beating a man into a false confession.

Detectives also served a search warrant for electronic devices on the Beckerle home.

They’re still waiting on what those warrants returned.

Investigators have also summoned the help of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Capt. Andy Chandler says, “As far as resources, they do have some additional resources on the forensic side and some different resources when it comes to labs and testing facilities. If and when we get to that point, we are absolutely going to be asking for their assistance again.”

Following up on a lead, police also conducted searches at the Pebble Creek Apartment Complex in Henderson last week.

So far, no suspects or even a person of interest has been identified in this case.

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