IRD Group Inc. Making Revolving Doors


A new ownership of a long-time Evansville company will keep its doors open after closing a few months ago.
Evansville city officials unveiled restoration plans for the former International Revolving Door Company.

IRD Group Incorporated says they plan to invest $750,000 at the current building on Evansville’s near west side. They say there will be 23 new jobs.

Doors that once were a staple at department stores, businesses and restaurants around the world are now being made again right here in the Tri-State.

“If you go to any of the major cities, they have international revolving doors in a lot of these landmark buildings such as the Empire State Building,” said Joshua Kratochvil, IRD Group Inc. spokesperson. 

The International Revolving Door Company closed this past spring in Evansville after being open for more than a hundred years. It was purchased at auction by IRD Group Inc. this past July.

“Just being able to go to these large cities and have a connection, I think is really important for the city of Evansville,” Kratochvil said. 

IRD Group Inc. is receiving some help. The Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville has suggested a 10-year tax phase-in. They’re also giving almost $13,000 to IRD for training, as long as the company matches it.

Officials say they’ve been open for two months and already sold nine revolving doors.

“Usually our lead time on the doors are from 10-12 weeks,” Kratochvil said. “We can have up to about 10 on the floor at one time so it is a process.”

The company is making its first revolving door which they say will be sent to a Buddhist Temple in New York, but there’s more to IRD than just revolving doors.

“Custom machine jobs and also custom fabrication jobs,” Kratochvil said. “We’ve also looked into doing automation in the next few years.” 

Officials say the impact will bring the city $4 million per year over the next 10 years. Once a prominent feature, now brought back to life

Officials say they’re planning to renovate 8,000 sq. ft. of office space and the remaining 129,000 sq. ft. will be leased for warehousing. 

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