EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Water officials says PFAS levels are on the rise at utilities in cities around Indiana, including Haubstadt, Troy and Evansville.

Bryon Will, the superintendent of the Haubstadt Water Department, says he and other water officials have talked over whether or not residents need to be concerned.

“That was a discussion that I had with the department of environmental management and they told me no, there’s need to be concerned about that at this time,” he tells us.

Brenna Caudill, the water quality manager in Evansville, says they have been keeping an eye on PFAS levels for the past ten years and have collected a lot of historical data on them.

“It is something that we took it upon ourselves to go ahead and start testing for,” she says.

PFAS, which are known as “forever chemicals”, have a strong bond between fluorine and carbon. We’re told the chemical is used in fire retardant, wrappers and plastics.

“Because it’s such a strong bond, it’s hard to break down, so it stays in the environment for a long period of time,” Caudill says. “It can take thousands of years for it to actually break down.”

Although officials say there is no threat to the public, Caudill tells us they will continue monitoring levels and ask that residents remain cautious.