EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The first renderings of a new lab at Ivy Tech were revealed to the public and incoming students.

The Thomas A. Boeglin Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab will be the main space for students becoming entrepreneurs. The lab, named after Huntingburg High School graduate Tom Boeglin, will allow students to work on their course specialty training while also completing a business education program. The lab will feature furniture, printers and other digital technology available to students.

“A lot of those students we have end up starting their own business. So they may do a technical certificate, which is a year long program, then go on to start their business. Well now they can combine that year-long program with this here year long program, put the two together and earn an associates degree,” said Daniela Vidal, Ivy Tech Community College Chancellor.

There are currently thirteen students enrolled in this new program for the upcoming fall semester, with a goal of twenty by the start of the school year.