Jailers Deliver Pumpkins to Owensboro School


Despite the odd September weather, fall is still here. Today, an Owensboro school celebrated the season with an odd, yet kind, gesture: free pumpkins from the Daviess County Detention Center.

They’re just 325 pumpkins in two crates.

“These were all picked yesterday and this morning,” says Sgt. Zack Ezell of the Daviess Co. Detention Center.

“They look great,” says Ann-Michael Hamilton, a teacher at Cravens Elementary School. “I mean, we are excited. They’re all different kinds. I think the kids are really going to love them.”

They were delivered by tractor to Cravens Elementary, from a place some wouldn’t expect. Guards from the detention center delivered 325 pumpkins, one for each student, for them to use for their fall festival. They’re grown by inmates at the detention center’s four acre garden. The jail’s donated them to area schools the past few years.

“Earlier this week, just hearing the kids scream pumpkins as we were pulling in, seeing the smiles on their face, we had some of them come up and give us hugs on their legs because they’re not very tall of course,” says Sgt. Ezell.

Hamilton learned of the free pumpkins from another school. The kids will take the pumpkins home to be decorated for their upcoming fall festival

“They are so excited,” Hamilton says. “I have kindergartners and they love getting to see the tractor bring the pumpkins in. It was really cool for them to see.”

Sgt. Ezell says they grow nearly 3,500 pumpkins this year, and have delivered more than 1,000 so far.

“Luckily, the guys that grow these crops, they take such pride in it, knowing its going to the kids here actually makes them feel good about what they’re doing.”

No inmates from the detention were at the school during today’s delivery.

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