Jury from Orange Co. to Hear Paquette Trial

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The man charged with killing three people in a wreck on I-69 was back in court Thursday afternoon with a couple requests.

Attorneys for Brian Paquette are asking the court to move his trial out of Pike County. Prosecutors say Paquette’s trial will still be held in Petersburg, but that a jury from Orange County will be brought in to hear the case. Pike County Prosecutor Darrin McDonald said Paquette’s lawyer filed the change of venue motion to assure a jury could be found.

“My initial reaction is fine,” says Steve Molinet, who lost his daughter, Stephanie, in the crash on February 12th. “I really don’t want it to have to travel farther than i have to. bringing a neutral crowd in for the jury, I’m really for that.”

“We have one group that’s in the Indianapolis and another that’s in southern Indiana, so really with respect to where our victims are located, as long as we keep it in pike county, we’re good to go,” adds McDonald.

Defense attorneys are also expected to file a motion dismissing one of the more than ten counts Paquette faces, but no official word on what count. Paquette faces twelve total charges for his role in the crash on February 12th that killed three people. Members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving are counseling the families.

“This is a crime that’s happening way too often and grief is common for all of victims, and I don’t see much of a difference,” says Lael Hill of M.A.D.D., when asked about the general reaction of families of drunk driving victims. “All of our victims, with the exception of a few, want to see an aggressive sentence.”

The motion to dismiss a charge is expected to be heard at his next hearing. his trial was moved from July 11th to the August 1st. Paquette’s next hearing is scheduled for June 29th.

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