Jury Recommends Life in Prison for McCallister

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Matthew McCallister


The jury recommends Matthew McCallister serve life in prison without parole after finding him guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the execution style shooting death of Joseph Nelson in February 2014. 

McCallister will be formally sentenced by a judge on August 23.


The jury in the Matthew McCallister murder trial reached a verdict on Monday. The jury finds McCallister guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The verdict came in around 3 p.m.

The jury started deliberations around 12:55 p.m. If you factor in a likely lunch break, the jury likely deliberated for less than two hours.

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Original Story

Closing statements were given in the murder trial of Matthew McCallister on Monday, and the trial is now in the jury’s hands.

McCallister is accused of murdering Joseph Nelson and dumping his body in a coal rail car in 2014.

Much of the closing statements from both sides centered around the testimony of Jade Lackey (previously Jade Stigall), who later married co-defendant David Lackey.

The State argued Stigall’s testimony was totally corroborated by the physical evidence and basic logic. Stigall is McCallister’s half sister.

The defense’s closing tried to poke holes and create reasonable doubt within Stigall’s testimony – pointing to her being high on meth at the time.

The defense also focused on co-defendant Shawn Grigsby’s alleged confession that he shot the victim.

The state argues Grigsby claimed he shot the victim so he could protect his friend McCallister. Grigsby already pleaded so under double jeopardy he couldn’t be tried again on the same charge.

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