WARRICK CO., Ind (WEHT) The jury got to review evidence in the murder trial of Anthony Wolfe Jr Thursday. Wolfe is accused of shooting and killing Valarie Ruark, then burning and dumping her body along a road near Elberfeld.

According to one of Ruark’s longtime friends, Ruark was living with Wolfe, along with her boyfriend and his family, when she disappeared.

The trial started off Thursday with showing the the container Warrick County Detective Kyle Tevault put Ruark’s burnt cellphone into. The jury also heard an FBI agent’s analysis on Ruark’s phone location the night of April 20, 2019. Ruark’s nurse at Stepping Stone Addiction Treatment Center says April 20 is the day Ruark called Wolfe to come pick her up because he had her car.

Anthony Wolfe_-5052044213938271934
Anthony Wolfe, Jr.

The jury reviewed Stepping Stone’s surveillance footage that shows Ruark being picked up just before 11 p.m. by Wolfe. She was also later seen in a neighborhood near South Iroquois Drive and East Sycamore Street.

Ruark’s body was found nearly six days later on April 26, 2019. Investigators believe Wolfe killed Ruark because he thought she was a police informant. One witness said Wolfe saw one of Ruark’s court documents and feared she was going to snitch.

Ruark was on probation and seeking treatment when she was killed.

BRIAN BAUMGARTNER WEB_1560203333076.jpg.jpg
Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner is accused of helping Wolfe and is scheduled for a later trial.

If they are found guilty of murder, they could be behind bars for up to 65 years.