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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — For Mike Green, riding motorcycles is a way of life.

“The freedom of it, the way it feels, it instantly hits something in you when you ride,” he said.

Green, who sells motorcycles at Bud’s Harley-Davidson, said that with the thrill of riding comes the threat.

“I’ve been riding since I was 10 years old, street riding for the last 16 years, and every year, it’s the same story. People don’t get seen. People get hit on intersections,” he said.

While bikers are encouraged to use safety gear, Green said when it comes to sharing the road with other vehicles, safety is a two-way street.

“Helmets help your head, but they don’t really do anything for the rest of your body,” he said. “It takes one more second to look for a bike than it does a car, and people need to be doing that.”

Green said he has had a few near misses himself recently, with drivers not paying attention to the road and almost colliding with his motorcycle.

“I had to do the whole evasive manuever braking thing to not hit that person,” he said. “It’s pretty scary, I mean really, it’s pretty scary.”

Motorcycle accidents are a grim reality that continually shakes the biker community.

“Unfortunately, I’ve sold motorcycles for 13 years and I’ve got a handful of people that have had things happen. They get killed on their bikes and it’s awful. It’s awful,” he said.

So this summer, when the weather’s nice and the bikers are out, they’re asking drivers to please take that second glance to make sure everyone stays safe on the road.

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