Kentuckians react to lift on mask mandate


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – A very busy night across Owensboro as the 2021 Kentucky Indiana All-Star game was held at Owensboro Sports Center as well as Friday After Five, now in it’s fourth week.

It all comes on a day many tell us they’ve been waiting for — ditching those face masks.

“Mask free and loving every second,” said Christina Burns.

That seemed to be the concensus among those we talked to who were out to enjoy tonight’s events in Owensboro. Especially those who’ve had to work in them or wear them to school everyday.

“I”m not gonna be stuffy. I can breathe properly, and my glasses not gonna be fogged up,” said Alvin Benjamin.

And in addition to that liberation people say they already feel comes relief in interacting with people more easily.

“That older crowd of people that can now read my lips and see my smile and I don’t have to wink at people all the time,” said Burns.

The mere fact that you can, you know, you can have a conversation with somebody and actually look at them and see their whole facial features and everything. It gives a level of personality,” said Benjamin.

“It’s nice to see the smiles that kind of brings more joy to people,” said Nancy Crowe.

Unvaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks and there are still a few places which require them including public transportation, schools and long-term care facilities.

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