KENTUCKY (WEHT) Kentucky lawmakers are proposing new penalties for those going faster than they should.

Drivers going too fast is too much of a problem for some Kentuckians.

“I think it’s around the state. I think it’s around everywhere,” said Bryan Copeland of Owensboro.

“I’ve been across the country, and people drive faster in bigger cities,” adds Ray Wimsatt of Owensboro.

A State Senate bill filed this week proposes a new set of penalties for those convicted as ‘super speeders’, which is defined as someone going 20 or more miles over the limit. It includes a $200 fine on top of already existing fines. It also proposes a $50 dollar fine and suspension for non-payment. The bill has been assigned to The Senate Transportation Committee.

“We get quite a few speeders. I’ve got some deputies on second shift. I would say they write tickets every night,” said Chief Deputy Scott Starkey of the Webster Co. Sheriff’s Office. He says the average speeder his deputies see are going 10 to 15 miles over the limit. He thinks the proposed penalties could make a difference.

“We do a lot of educational stuff. But sometimes, you have to get into someone’s wallet and see their fine, and they know they have to pay a bigger fine. That, maybe, gets them to slow down,” he said.

But other drivers disagree on how much of a difference it could make.

“I think it might slow you down, especially if you’re the one that’s caught speeding,” said Copeland.

“It might, maybe, one percent of them, but people that speed will speed anyway,” said Wimsatt.