(WEHT)- It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy mental toll on students but a bill that passed unanimously from the Kentucky House of Representatives could help students out by letting them take excused absences for mental health reasons.

Eastern Kentucky Rep. Bobby McCool (R-Van Lear) says people need to “dissolve that stigma” that surrounds mental health, saying the idea for the legislation came from students. His co-sponsor on the bill, Rep. Lisa Willner (D-Louisville) says the best ideas for legislation “always come from directly from those most affected by it,” adding she loves to see students advocate for themselves.

While the bill garnered massive bipartisan support en route to passing 94-0 in the House, State Sen. Robby Mills (R-Henderson) says he has issues with the bill. Sen. Mills called the bill “vague,” as it did not specify what can be used as a mental health day and says students should be in school. Sen. Mills says he would not vote for the bill as it stands.

Still, Rep. Willner says people should not be so quick to dismiss the concerns from students. Rep. Willner says when people don’t “understand something initially,” it’s because they haven’t “had the conversations with the folks most affected, we’ve not really listened to the impact that the issue is on having people in their day to day lives.”

Rep. Willner says the bill has the support of schools across the Commonwealth, including Webster County Schools. Webster County Schools official Kim Saalwaechter says she appreciates the efforts made by lawmakers to address mental health for students, saying mental health will remain a priority for them even after the pandemic.

Rep. Willner and McCool say they expect the bill to pass the Senate and make its way to Gov. Beshear’s desk by the end of the session.