Kentucky Wesleyan College debates Medicare for all


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT)- It was one of the hottest topics during the Democratic primary and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all plan was once again the subject of debate, this time at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

The college’s Stanley Reed Pre-Law and Politics Society held a debate between Kentucky State Sen. Stephen Meredith, who opposes the idea, and local professor Bob Glenn, who spoke in favor of it.

Regardless if you’re a new mother, a working 30 year old with a busy life, or a retired 72 year old, healthcare is essential to the health of our nation, our economy, our people, and our wellbeing

Bob Glenn

As Milton Friedman said, there’s no such thing as free cost. So the question has to be, who is going to pay for it?

Stephen Meredith

One audience member and Kentucky Wesleyan College student Kylo Hicks says the healthcare debate is personal for him, after he lost his healthcare.

Unfortunately, I watched my mother be told by the state of Tennessee ‘you make 17 dollars more, you cannot get free healthcare,’ and I was on her healthcare.

Kylo Hicks

While Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Joe Biden, who does not support Medicare for All, one organizer says the idea is still important to debate.

It’s great to… watch adults hash it out and discuss their opinions with respect so we could all learn something.

Simon Hanson

The moderators polled the room after the debate and the plan was narrowly defeated by one vote.

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