OWENSBORO, Ky (WEHT) – Owensboro Police made an arrest for an incident that happened at Kentucky Wesleyan College on September 3.

Police say Daniel Crabtree became upset after he said Armand Childs cut him off in traffic. Witnesses tell police the two pulled into a parking lot, Crabtree used racial slurs and spit on Childs. Childs is identified as a student and football player at Kentucky Wesleyan.

The following message was posted on the university’s Facebook page:

One of our family members was recently the victim of what many have viewed as a “hate crime.” This interaction, an ugly display of vitriol from what is normally a wonderful community in which Kentucky Wesleyan College is humbled to be a part, reminds us that we need to support and care for each and every one of our family and community members.

Kentucky Wesleyan College stands firmly behind the victim in this incident and denounces the activities of the perpetrator at the highest levels. Every one of our family members has the right to feel safe and supported in our community. The next time you are interacting with the Owensboro community, please look at the person to your left and to your right. Ask yourself how you can help make that person’s day better.

Let us not help promote hatred within our community, but support the greater majority who work hard every day to make our lives better, more meaningful, and brighter in every way.