KSP continues investigation into four deaths at Ohio Co. home


OHIO COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – 24 hours after four bodies were found at an Ohio County home, Kentucky State Police are still identifying who was killed, and what exactly happened during the shootings and fire.

This all happened on the 5700 block of Highway 62 just outside McHenry. Three bodies were found Wednesday afternoon, and the fourth found earlier today inside a burned down building.

Kentucky State Police were back out here at the scene today where four people were found dead at this home just off of Highway 62. Investigators are still trying to determine who died and what exactly happened that lead up to it.

“This is, certainly, a shocker to the community,” said Trooper Corey King of Kentucky State Police.

“You just don’t hear about this around here. It just shocks everyone when something like this happened,” adds Aubrey Newcom of McHenry.

Kentucky State Police say another family member called police after finding bodies of three of the people who were shot outside the home near the driveway. The fourth was found earlier today inside a separate building that burned down, but a cause of death may not be determined for a few weeks. None of those who died have been identified.

“We do have our ideas of who it may be, but at this point, we really do like to get the confirmation with not only the medical examiner’s office, but the coroner as well,” said Trooper King.

A KSP drone was used to scan the scene. Trooper King says there were weapons found, but they don’t know yet if any of them were used in the shootings. Detectives also don’t know yet what type of investigation they have.

“We have to piece that up exactly of how this occurred, and that does take a little bit of time. There are several different theories, but nothing conclusive at this point,” says Trooper King. He adds there’s no sign so far that there is still someone at large. At least some of the people living at the home were contract chicken farmers.

“Hearts go out to the family that it happened to,” says Newcom.

As for the chickens at the chicken houses here at the scene, Trooper King says a company is being brought in to care for and remove them.

(This story was originally published on May 20, 2021)

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